Amnesty Crossfit is a community of people who are collectively driven and motivated to develop happier and healthier lifestyles by promoting functional physical fitness. Our core values of integrity and hard work enable us to provide a welcoming and supportive environment where quality, knowledgeable, professional coaches can help people just starting out to those who have trained for years achieve their fitness goals and change self-perception.



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Oswego, New York 13126

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OUR STORY - Amnesty Crossfit Oswego

“The members at Amnesty became more than friends to us…”

- Larry Miller, Owner/Operator

Fast Growing Fitness Gym Under New Ownership

Oswego, NY - Larry Miller and Nicky Loomis take the reigns at Oswego’s Fast Growing Fitness facility.

Amnesty Fitness of Oswego was opened in May of 2017 by Rachel and Ricky Harvey, their goal being to establish a fitness community of like-minded people who, by embracing hard work and a commitment to integrity, could take better control of their mental and physical well being.

Amongst their first, and most loyal clients were Larry Miller and Nicky Loomis, owner/operators of GJP Italian Eatery in Oswego. While Larry and Nicky put in long hours and tremendous effort to make their restaurant a success, they didn’t make regular time for self-care or pay great attention to their overall health.

That all changed when they joined Amnesty Crossfit. In becoming members they found more than just a gym, but a fellowship of like-minded individuals and place they would come to call ‘home.’ Amnesty transformed both their bodies and their lives, so when the opportunity came about to take over the gym, Larry and Nicky stepped up, becoming Amnesty’s new owners in spring 2020.

“From traveling around racing, to competing in different events, we fell in love with the fitness community. The members at Amnesty became more than friends to us, so when the opportunity arose (to take over ownership and operations of Amnesty) we had to take it,” said Miller.

Rachel Harvey, Amnesty’s previous owner, couldn’t think of anyone better who could continue Amnesty’s mission, and to grow it further.

“Larry is an amazing, amazing individual,” she said. “I’m super excited to pass the baton to someone coming in with fresh legs and lungs to really take this ball further.”

For Larry, ‘taking the ball further’ means taking the best of what Amnesty already offers, and bringing new ideas to compliment those things that set Amnesty apart from their competitors: An emphasis on professionalism, and dedication to community.

“What makes Amnesty different from your typical gym is the degree of professionalism we provide. Each of our trainers are certified professional coaches,” said Miller. “From our group classes, to personal training, our coaches are caring, encouraging, positive, and supportive in helping our members realize their goals.”

The program works for and is accessible to everyone, from people who are just starting out, to people who have trained for years. Amnesty services include nutritional coaching, meal planning, bodyweight training, strength training, children’s programs, and will continue to grow under the stewardship of Larry and Nicky.

“Our goal is to provide professional training and coaching so our clients can learn how to move their bodies, develop strength, and not get injured,” said Miller. “Whether you’re 12 years old or 90 years old, we want our clients to learn how to move, be strong, and live healthy lives.”

For Larry and Nicky, happy and healthy is about cultivating relationships, helping build people up, and giving back to an Oswego community that is near and dear to their hearts.

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